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As an individual member of the World Kobudo Federation, you get:

A WKF membership card
A WKF member certificate
The WKF newsletter with event calendar, updates, training tips and more
Eligibility to apply for WKF rank certificates (sometimes requiring in-person evaluations)
Discounts on WKF-sanctioned training seminars including the International Convention, held every 2 years (coming up in May 2018 in Athens, Greece)
Access to the WKF video-learning online resource (coming soon)
Access to the WKF online store featuring high quality martial arts equipment, uniforms, patches, learning material, sweatshirts, t-shirts, gear bags and much more (coming soon)
All this for an annual fee of only US$40.  Register now and start receiving the benefits outlined above.

World Kobudo Federation clubs/dojos 

As a World Kobudo Federation member club, you are joining a prestigious group of high-quality, dedicated martial arts instructors who are committed to improving themselves and their students, and who understand that growth and improvement only happens through concentrated effort and sharing knowledge.

The World Kobudo Federation is here to help you do that – in FOUR ways.

First, in helping you gain more knowledge and skill in martial arts with training opportunities (seminars, camps and Conventions), online resources with the world’s best instructors and masters

Second, we provide WKF Certified rank promotions (kyu and dan), instructor certifications and martial arts titles (Renshi, Kyoshi, Hanshi).  .

Third, we will provide you the resources and information for your martial arts school or club to make it run smoother, more organized and with improved profitability.  This information could help you grow your school 10%, 20%, 50% or more during the next 12 months.

Fourth, your club membership with the WKF provide you with ways to increase your club or school’s revenue through:

  • WKF memberships for your students

  • Offering WKF merchandise to your students- shirts, jackets, gis, training equipment and more.

  • Offer WKF diplomas (kyu and dan ranks) for your students

These benefits (and more to come) are yours as part of your WKF club membership.  Just fill out the membership application form and register your club (annual fee only US$150)

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