World Kobudo Convention 2018 – Athens, Greece

May 4 – 6, 2018

The 2018 WKF Convention in Athens, Greece was a monumental event, bringing the world together for 3 days of competition, training, demonstrations and camaraderie.  The Galatsis Olympic Sports Complex was the gathering place for more than 700 martial artists from all over – including England, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, Canada, USA, Australia and Mauritius Islands.

Master Michael Kossivakis expertly planned and organized the event, including an opening ceremony featuring authentic Greek dancing and music, meals and social events, a dance party, a goodbye party and much more.  One of the highlights of the Convention was the amazing Kobudomania show, featuring dynamic martial arts action from more than 30 demonstration teams.

The 2018 World Kobudo Convention was a great success and is truly an event the participants will remember.

Euro Budo Festival 2017

Held in Edegem, Belgium during May 27tha nd 28th, 2017, Euro Budo was a fantastic event organized by Hanshi Alain Sailly.  Over 400 participants came from various countries including France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Greece, Spain, Tatarstan, Russia, England, USA and Canada.  Hanshi John Therien, the president of the WKF helped oversee the event and was one of the featured instructors.  The training was conducted by many top instructors and world champions.  There was an excellent barbecue dinner after training on Saturday and the Budo Show on Saturday night featured a taiko drum presentation and demonstration teams from many clubs and dojos.  There was even a marriage proposal (and acceptance) during the festival!  The- World Kobudo Federation is strong in Europe!



World Kobudo International Convention 2016

instructor group anglebertoletti-and-draghistrong-girl-breaking2-grogin-breaking-grop-selfie2-heidi-and-lisa-gDraghi Arm lock

Held in Rochester, NY, this convention had over 700 participants and more than 60 world-class instructors.  Over 25 countries were represented including the US, Canada, Belgium, France, England, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Russia, and others.  It was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel and the events included 3 days of training seminars, a pizza party, children’s seminars, a 2 hour Budomania Martial Arts Demonstration show, an awards banquet, a martial arts business seminar, small group master classes, black belt rank testing, a dance party and much more.

Check out some of the highlights here – 2016 World Kobudo Convention highlights video

Capitol Conquest – Ottawa, Canada Nov 7 & 8, 2015

Alain in action Carlos Newton poster CC 2015 Logo Cezar and group Cos Vanna poster Danny Griffith Group1 Jacket image Kossavakis poster Melander kicking Philip Yang poster Skalberg poster Theriault poster Therien poster Tournament winnersInstructor group photoChampions

 Johan Skalberg – NY Seminar Tour January 26-29, 2016

Arcuri Dorsey Skalberg backs Arcuri group Arcuri1 Arcuri2 Arcuri3 KJ kids group KJ1 KJ2 KJ3 MAA1 MAA2 MAA3 MAA4 MAA5 MAA6 MAA7 MAA8 Matt and Johan Samurai1 Samurai2 Samurai4 Samurai5Samurai3